How to Fix Brother Printer Offline ?

The offline error happens occasionally in Brother printers. As a result, the purpose of this article is to discuss the causes of this problem as well as possible solutions. For both Windows and Mac operating systems, we've detailed the remedies for 'how to solve Brother printer offline issue.'


When you try to print a critical document from your computer and your Brother printer claims it's offline, this can happen. So don't get too worked up because there could be a problem with the Windows 10 update or a router wireless connection issue.


Most Common Reasons Leading To The Brother Printer Offline Issue


The Brother printer keeps going offline due to multiple reasons which include-


• Paper jam error

• Ink toner blockage

• Printer is not set as default

• Error in the network connection between your computer and printer.

• Due to the print job stuck in queue

• Corrupted or outdated printer drivers .

• If the printers ‘use offline mode’ is selected, it may also show the offline error.

• Wrong printer settings



Why is my Brother Printer is Offline on Windows 10?


As you may have seen, the Brother printer goes offline after every single Windows 10 upgrade. However, a Windows 10 or driver update isn't the only cause for your printer to be turned off. The connectivity problem is the primary cause of the Brother printer is offline notice in Windows 10.





Fix Brother Printer Offline Windows 10


There are some methods that you can try to solve your Brother printer offline problem:


• Check that the Brother Printer is turned on and that no errors appear on the screen.


• Double-check that the Brother printer is correctly connected to the computer.


• In Windows 10, make sure your Brother Printer is set as the default printer.


• Select the printer properties option and delete all print jobs.


• If you notice a duplicate of your Brother printer's icon (for example, Brother XXX-XXXX (Copy 1)), remove it from your computer..



How Do I Get My Brother Printer Back Online Windows 10?


The brother printer being offline after a Windows 10 update is a very common problem that you may have encountered. Your brother printer is always going offline for a variety of reasons. However, we have listed the simplest method for returning your Brother printer to online mode for Windows 10 below.



1. Check your computer's connectivity to other computers and to your Wi-Fi.


2. Verify that you are connected to the correct network and have the correct IP address.


3. Restart the printer and wait for it to finish loading.


4. If you're using a USB-connected printer, double-check that it's properly connected.


5. Finally, conduct a print test on the printer. If the problem persists, go to the next steps.


6. From the Control Panel, go to the Printers and Devices folder.


7. Right-click on your printer and choose "See what's printing" from the drop-down menu.


8. Select "Set as default printer" from the drop-down menu.


9. You can see whether your printer is offline or paused in this section. Change the status to "Resume Printing" if it's paused or offline.


10. Run a test paper to double-check your work. If the problem with your brother printer not working in Windows 10 persists, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer drivers and software.


11. You also have the option of calling a Brother Printer specialist.



If nothing else seems to be working, we recommend seeking expert assistance. Call the Brother printer customer service number.