How to Check Ink Levels on HP Printer: Detailed Guide (2022)

What if one can predict the amount of ink left on HP printer? Yes, you heard it right! It's possible to know about the ink by following the few points. It might sound difficult however once you understand the basic ideas then you will be able to check ink levels on HP printer easily.

Those who are running a printing business understand everything is about ink. For printing important legal documents as well as beautiful photos properly, filled ink cartridges are required. No doubt, HP is the popular printer brand available in market today which is known for its hi-tech features, reliable performance, and quality printing capabilities.

In this guide, we will understand more about how to check ink levels on HP printers and few other things regarding the same. Let's get started with this post!

What Happens When Printer has Low Ink?

In case of low ink on printer, liquid ink in cartridge will get dry quickly. This dry ink may result in smudged printing or even can clog the nozzle. If ink starts to get dry, printer will utilize more ink so as to produce standard outcomes.

So, it's better to perform periodic ink checks as well as replace the cartridges when needed to increase the printer's functionality.

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How to Know It’s Time to Change the Ink?

Below-given are some signs that one will observe when there’s a need to change printers’ ink.

  • Warning of low ink on the display of printer
  • Streaking in the printer
  • Faint prints
  • Fading colors
  • Losing different functions

All the above-given signs indicate the need to check the printer's ink.

How to Check Ink Levels on HP Printer?

Check HP Printer Ink from Printers Control Panel

HP Officejet Pro, HP Photosmart 5510 printers as well as many other HP printers display levels of ink on printer's control panel.

  1. Depending on your printer’s model number, look for the below-given things:

  • Ink drop icon
  • Cartridge icon
  • Menu of ink levels
  • Indicator of toner level

  1. For few seconds simply select the icon and you will observe your printers ink level

Check Ink Level in Windows

There are numerous ways by which one can check levels of ink cartridges in Windows 7, 8, and 10.

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HP smart app: Visit the app store of windows and download HP smart app which is powered by HP. Designed for Windows 10, app provides simple means for checking the HP ink levels. After the successful installation of this app in the system, add the printer and start checking the levels of ink on the desktop screen.

HP printer software: HP printer assistant, a special software designed for users of HP in order to maintain the printers. This app checks levels of ink automatically and keeps one informed regarding the same.

HP printer and scan doctor: Download this software from the official website of HP. Open the app and choose the printer from menu bar at the top. Select supply levels for checking the ink cartridge levels.

Check Ink Levels in Mac

  • Visit the apple menu
  • Click on the system preferences
  • Choose printer from the given list
  • Click on order and supplies
  • Select supplies tab which will display ink level left in the cartridge

Check Ink Levels on Android/iOS

For checking ink levels on iOS or Android, just follow the below-given steps:

  • For checking the levels of ink on smartphones, make use of HP smart app
  • Visit for installing HP smart application on mobile devices. Add the printer on your mobile home screen for viewing the HP printer ink levels.

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Final Insights

Hope this guide will help you in knowing more about how to check HP ink levels and information related to it. If you understand all aspects in a proper way then it’s not tricky to check levels of ink. Also, before applying any step, ensure to learn the software's basic knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the number on the ink cartridge matter?

Of course, yes it matters. It will become difficult to work if one chooses ink cartridges numbers randomly.
Why? Since numbers are simply interconnected to the printer’s function. So, ensure to choose the number of ink cartridges compatible with a printer.

Do all HP printers makes use of same ink?

In order to work in an efficient way, HP recommends its users to make use of HP ink only as it enables one to work in an effective way without any issue.

How to make an HP printer not use HP ink?

By following some steps one can disable HP cartridge protection settings. From the printer's menu access the settings of printer.
After that, you will get the option of disabling an HP cartridge protection. Select the disable option and click apply. After that save and thus you can make the printer not utilize HP ink and toner.

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