Download HP Printer Drivers For Windows 10! – How?

Need to download HP printer drivers for windows 10? Wondering, how to proceed with it? Not to worry; that’s quite simple which you will come to know after going through this post!

Windows 10 does not support HP printers! This is the most common issue for those who have upgraded their system recently to Windows 10. So, before finding any solution, it's vital that one must confirm whether their printer is compatible with the settings of Windows 10 or not. Whether it's working in the proper condition or not.

In order to check whether the model of HP printer drivers is compatible or not it's better to check official website. Simply click on Windows 10 drivers and software support. Once you finish checking your model compatibility with Windows 10, proceed with device installation to the system.

Windows 10 removes apps, software, drivers etc automatically which are not much compatible with it. A free tool is provided by HP i.e. print as well as scan doctor for resolving and diagnosing issues of printing. Simply download and start running HP print for performing troubleshooting tasks instantly in order to resolve the issue.

In this guide, we will see how one can download HP printer drivers easily by following a few tips. Let's get started with this post! Happy Reading!

Why There’s a Need to Download Driver Update Software?

Apart from updating the HP printer drivers, it's important to install driver update tool since it will help you in every way. How? Let's see:

  • It will give 3x faster internet connection along with download speeds
  • Better performance of PC for games as well as audio apps
  • The smooth running of printers, scanners and so on

What are some HP Printer Driver Problems?

HP printers as similar to other printers also experience errors with time like driver related issues, printer hardware issues and so on.

Some common issues of HP printers are:

  • Computer is facing difficulty in detecting the HP printer
  • Printer is not operating as expecting 
  • Unexpected shutdown

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How to Download HP Printer Drivers for Windows 10?

Method 1: Download HP Printer Drivers from HP Support Website

From the official website of HP support, one can search and download the latest drivers, firmware, diagnostics as well as software for HP printers. Now, let's go through the below-given steps to check how one can do that:

  • In the browser, open the official website of HP printer drivers and software
  • Enter the product model and click on the submit button for identifying the printer. Either find the product name by seeing the printer or select the product from the big list of popular printers

For the HP printer, choose the driver for downloading its package. Once the downloading gets complete, click the file of driver installation so as to install the HP printer driver.

Method 2: Download HP Printer Drivers with Windows Update

The driver updates of a few HP printer products might come along with update of windows 10. In that case, perform windows update for HP printer driver download.

In order to do that just follow the below-given steps:

  • Click on start > settings > security and update and then > windows update
  • Click on the option ‘check for the updates button’ 
  • Windows will detect as well as download the updates automatically that are available

Method 3: Install Latest HP Printer Drivers by Updating Driver

Whenever someone connects HP printer to their computer first time, then windows install a driver for the printer automatically. In case of driver not working in a proper way or missing, simply go to the device manager for updating the HP printer driver.

  • Press Windows+X 
  • Select device manager
  • In the devices list check for device categories for finding your printer
  • Right clock the HP printer and click on update driver
  • Finally, click on search automatically for updated driver software
  • Computer will search internet along with your computer automatically for latest HP printer driver

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Method 4: Manage HP printer Drivers with 3rd Party Tools for Windows 10

One can install a reliable program of free driver updaters. They detect the latest windows 10 driver versions automatically and notify you.

After that, one can make the decision of whether to install updated drivers for the HP printer or some other devices.

HP Printer Drivers for Windows 10

There are numerous HP printer drivers for Windows 10 that are available. Let's have a look at one by one:

Full feature HP printer driver download

It's available on the official website of HP. It provides software that assists one in gaining complete product functionality.

Basic HP driver download

It's easy to download and carries basic features. Elementary printing functions are provided by the driver.

HP enterprise driver

This printer driver is utilized by corporate people. The driver set offers installer, driver for scanning etc.

HP universal print driver download

These drivers are perfect for those who are making utilization of multi-functional printers as well as HP laserjet. Technology built drivers can search and configure HP printing devices on their own.

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Hope this guide will help you in downloading HP printer drivers for Windows 10. By going through the above-given steps as mentioned one will be able to download HP printer drivers for Windows 10 easily and without any difficulty.

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