How to Connect My Canon Printer to WiFi? – Canon Printer Setup
Did you spend your hours trying to connect canon printer to WiFi? Checked lot of guides for the setup? Still, won't be able to find the solution for the same? If yes, then you are reading the correct post! There are numerous brands of printers that are available easily in the market. But canon printers no doubt are the first choice of the majority of customers today too. How to connect my canon printer to wifi? This amazing and useful guide will let you know about the methods by which you can connect canon printer to WiFi easily. Let's get started! Happy Reading!

Smart Device Hookup Method

In order to perform wireless hookup between the canon printer and WiFi, make use of wireless devices. So, if you are making use of computer then it's vital to install an application. Why? For transferring information from WiFi to a printer and without using direct cable hookup. If you are using a smartphone for connecting your printer to WiFi then download the app in order to connect a wireless printer either through iOS or Android device. SELPHY app is utilized for iOS devices and Canon Print Inkjet for Android devices.

WPS Push Button Method

Few wireless routers might have the WPS push button however not all wireless routers have such technical features. For connecting your wireless canon printer to WiFi by using WPS Push Button, follow the below-given steps:
  • Press the button of WiFi on the router till it gets on
  • Press the start button and again the WiFi button
  • Once it starts to flash, press the WPS button
  • If you notice that the wireless sync is not successful then press the stop button for trying it again

Standard Setup

If you observe that the router doesn't have WPS push button then don't worry regarding the connection. Since there are other methods to perform the setup i.e. by standard setup method. It's the most popular method that the majority of users follow in order to build the proper connection between their printer and the router.
  • After powering on the printer, simply touch the settings icon showing on the main screen
  • Scroll down a list that is displayed and choose the LAN settings option
  • For installing the printer on WiFi, choose the option 'Wireless LAN setup'
  • After that, you will see several options for the WiFi connection
  • Locate option 'standard setup' and click on it
  • The printer will display the name in a few minutes if the router is set up properly
  • Choose your network name and enter the password carefully
  • For finishing the setup successfully, simply press OK
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WPS Pin Code Method

Utilizing this method for syncing the wireless printer as well as the WiFi is the most complex method however it can work if all other methods had been failed. Let's see how to make the connection by using WPS Pin Code:
  • Take 2 sheets of any regular paper
  • Ensure the printer is on and press the WiFi button till it starts blinking on your printer
  • Click the button of WiFi again.
  • On the printer press, a stop button until the alarm light flashes 16 times.
  • After 16th flash, release a stop button
  • Wireless printer is ready for establishing the connection
Access the internal settings of your router by using either a computer or simply a wireless smart device. Enter the WPS pin, after getting access to router internal settings, so as to start sync between network and printer. Did you notice any change? Check if the WiFi light on your wireless printer is lit. It's a sign that the wireless connection is successfully done.

Why Canon Printer is Not Connecting to My Wireless Connection?

Any success in the setup? No! Still showing, Canon printer won't connect to WiFi? Not to worry! If you have successfully tried all the above 3 methods and still fail to do so then below given are a few reasons for the same. Here we have jotted down a few things that might be stopping you from making a better connection to the wireless network.
  • The connection among the network and your printer has been lost.
  • The printer is not on
  • Make sure your PC and wireless canon printer are properly synced to a similar network
  • Ensure printer device is properly connected to the right port on the computer
If still, you experience issues in setting up the wireless connection between the router and wireless canon printer then it's better to get in touch with a technical support team of a canon.
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In rare situations, there might be a possibility that the wireless card on your printer itself might be defective. So, in such a case you need to replace your printer on the off chance it fails to make a proper connection.


Hope this guide will help you in knowing more about how you can connect the printer to WiFi. No doubt, Canon printers are perfect for printing, and generally, a lot of people experience issues connecting them to the WiFi network.

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