Windows 10 Black Screen: How to Fix Black Screen Problems?

Are you experiencing black screen issue on Windows 10? Wondering, what to do? Not to worry; this post will give you the answer to your question. Black screen issue in Windows 10, no doubt, is much more annoying as compared to blue screen issue.

Majority of the users of Windows 10 understand that blue screen simply comes with error messages or codes. This, in turn, helps users understand the issue behind the same. However, this is not the case with Windows 10 black screen issue as it's blank with no error codes thus making it problematic to understand the issue.

What are the Reasons for Black Screen on Windows 10?

There are numerous hardware as well as software issues that are responsible for this issue such as:

  • Broken windows update
  • Connection issue
  • Broken start-up application
  • Malfunctioning hardware
  • Display is off
  • Display adapter driver update

Black screen appears due to numerous things and is generally related to compatibility issues and graphics drivers with latest windows 10 version. In addition to this, it happens due to buggy system updates, hardware-related issues with video adapters, physical connection, or display.

How to Fix a Black Screen on Windows 10?

Now the question is how to fix black screen on laptop or computer Windows 10 then follow the below-given ways that are quite common for causing such an issue.

Check Your Hardware and Cable Connection to PC

If you notice a black screen then it might be an indication that the hardware or cables are not connected to your PC properly. For fixing it, make sure to follow the below-given steps:

  • Make sure the display adapter is connected properly to PC and is turned on
  • Clean all cables properly before connecting them again to PC or CPU
  • Try connecting to display monitor

Update Display/Video Driver/Graphics

When display graphics gets outdated then it can result in black screen issue. At times, you might have installed the display driver that is correct however still won't work. Computer is on but screen is black; the reason for the same is might be installed driver is from the OEM which won't work on Windows 10.

For fixing it, just carry out the video driver check to understand whether it's outdated or not. Also, install the suitable drive properly for Windows 10.


Remove Programs and Updates for Resolving Black Screen Issue

One can also uninstall the programs or any updates that they have installed on the PC recently. Since few updates won't work with Windows 10 like fall creators update, windows 10-anniversary update and so on.

For removing the application or any program, click on control panel and select the programs and features option. Right-click an item and click on uninstall. After that, restart the PC to check if black screen issue in Windows 10 still persists or not.

Disable Fast Start Up

Fast start up is simply a feature but many times it may cause an issue of black screen. So, in such a case one can disable it by following the below-given steps:

  • Click on control panel
  • Click on the option “system and security” 
  • Tap on power options 
  • Select “choose what the power button does”
  • Select “change settings that are currently unavailable”
  • Unmark the checkbox to “turn on fast start-up”
  • Click on the button “save changes”
  • Restart the PC

Removing Security Software

Security software on PC keeps the device along with data secure. But, do you know that can cause black screen issues at times? Yes, you heard it right! Uninstall 3rd party antivirus software apps by following the below-given steps:

  • Open settings
  • Click on applications along with apps and features
  • Under the section of apps and features, click security app
  • Select uninstall button
  • Proceed with on-screen directions for removing the app
  • Restart the PC

So, if this resolves black screen issue then reinstall them again. However, if issue persists again then remove it and check the support website of your software vendors for additional support.

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Clean Inside the Computer Case

My computer screen is black; what to do? This is the common question that strikes into the mind of many people. This might be the reason of overheating which in turn can lead to black screen issue.

It's vital to keep the PC cool since it can extend the PC components lifespan. Turn the PC off, unplug everything. So, the first step is to get a microfiber cloth along with air blower for cleaning the dust inside the computer particularly from fans. Try your best that it won't settle again inside the computer.


Hope you have enjoyed reading this post and it helped you in knowing more about how to fix black screen issue on Windows 10. Issue of random black screens is not a small issue but at times, they can be fixed easily.

Hope this post will help you in diagnosing Windows 10 black screen problems. If something is more serious, users will have to take their system to an expert technician.