HP Printer Won’t Connect to WiFi? Complete Guide [2022]
Are you searching some ways for connecting an HP printer to your Wi-Fi? If yes, then go ahead as this post is for you! HP Printer won't connect to WIFI? This is the common question that majority of users have in their mind and also there’s a solution for the same. No doubt, HP wireless printer have become much smarter due to new technologies. One can print anything and from any place easily. Now, the main question is how to connect an HP printer to your Wi-Fi. Let’s go through this post to know about the same!  

Why My HP Printer Won't Connect to WIFI?

There are few reasons for HP Printer won't connect to WIFI which are given below:
  • Signal too weak
  • HP printer and computer might be connected with not the same networks
  • Wi-Fi password changed
There are 4 options that you can follow for connecting the HP printer to WiFi:
  • HP auto wireless connect
  • Wireless setup wizard
  • WPS push button connect
  • Connect HP printer without the router
Now, let's have a look at each of them in detail to get the understanding of the same.

HP Auto Wireless Connect 

This method enables one to connect their printer to a wireless network automatically. There’s no need of connecting cables or enter wireless network settings like the name of the network or password. There’s a need for installing the software first.
  • Visit the support page of HP for downloading the software and enter the model of your printer. After that, download the driver as per the OS and simply go through all on-screen directions for installing it into the computer.
  • Turn on the printer and start running the software
  • After that, choose wireless>click yes, send my wireless setting to the printer
  • Now, wait for the printer to get connected as it might take some minutes. Once it gets completed click on finish. Now the HP printer is fully ready for a printing job.
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Wireless Setup Wizard

With a wireless setup wizard, one can connect their HP printer to the Wi-Fi on the printer's control panel.
  • Power on the printer
  • Unplug connected USBs simply from the printer
  • Tap a wireless icon or simply visit the network menu from the printers control panel
  • Click on wireless settings
  • Just tap on the option ‘wireless setup wizard’
  • Search the network and enter WPA key and after that select OK

WPS Push Button Connect 

If the router, as well as your HP WiFi printer, simply supports a mode of WPS push-button then it's quite easy to connect the printer to Wi-Fi. How? BY simply pushing on the printer as well as router in 2 minutes
  • Push on your printer the WPS button
In case of no push button on the printer, visit control panel for starting the mode of the WPS pushbutton.
  • Tap a wireless menu and click on Wi-Fi protected setup
  • Choose the option of WPS button
  • After that, you will be encouraged for pressing a WPS button on the router.
  • Now, Press the button of WPS push on the router in 2 minutes
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Connect HP Printer Without the Router

You won’t require an internet connection for completing the printing job. Since Wi-Fi Direct or HP Wireless Direct enables one to print their documents directly from their smartphone devices, tablets, and even computers. What all is required is to connect the device to your printer's HP Wi-Fi similar to another wireless network. Follow the below-given steps for connecting to Wi-Fi Direct/HP Wireless Direct:
  • From the control panel of printer turn on the Wi-Fi direct/HP Wireless Direct. Touch the icon of HP wireless direct on the control panel of printer. You can also navigate to wireless settings menu for touching wireless direct. After that, turn on the connection
  • On the mobile device or computer, simply connect to HP Wireless Direct/Wi-Fi Direct in the similar way that you do for other wireless networks
  • After that, you will prompt for the WPA2 password when using HP wireless direct/Wi-Fi direct on security
  • Open the document on the mobile device/computer
  • After that click file and then print
  • In the case of mobile device, tap print from the app menu. In case an app is not supporting printing, then you have to install the HP printer service plugin updated version.
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Wrap Up

Hope this guide will help you in to connect printer to Wi-Fi easily. All these methods differ with the device type that you use as well as the type of router. So, there’s not a single method that will work in all the cases. So, know your setup first and after that select the appropriate step if you want your Wi-Fi to connect to HP wireless printer.

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