10 Ways to Fix HP Laptop Black Screen Quickly [2022]

Is the screen of your laptop turned black? Searching for ways to resolve the issue? Not to worry! This is the common issue that HP laptop users generally experience. The good news is that there are ways to resolve HP laptop black screen issue quickly which you will come to know after going through this guide. Let's get started! Happy Reading!

What Causes HP Laptop Black Screen?

My HP laptop screen is black! What should I do? How to fix the issue? What is the reason for the same? The reasons for black screen issue in HP laptop might be due to the below-given reasons:

  • Faulted seated RAM
  • Outdated operating system
  • Dead screen inverter
  • Software corruption
  • Faulty hardware such as bad cables, port issues, etc.

10 Ways to Fix HP Laptop Black Screen

Here we have jotted down 10 ways that can help one in fixing HP laptop black screen issue.

Hard Reset your Laptop

Faulty hardware might be the reason for black screen. Remove all hardware that is attached to the laptop and follow the below-given steps for performing the hard reset on HP laptop.

  • Foremost step is to shut down the laptop
  • Remove hard drives, attached peripheral devices, and battery
  • Hold power button properly for 1 minute and then release
  • Insert the battery and after that plug the charger
  • Boot your laptop again

Now, check if the issue of the black screen resolves or not.

Update Graphics Driver

Missing or outmoded graphics card drivers can be the reason for black screen issue. So, it's better to check whether the drivers are updated or not. If not, then update them.

For updating graphics driver, simply visit the official website of Microsoft and look for driver update that is compatible with the Windows OS.

In addition to this, one can also run the Driver Easy for updating graphics drivers.


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Disable Fast Startup

Disabling a fast startup can fix black screen issue in an HP laptop. Have a look at the below-given steps:

  • Open Control Panel
  • View the items of control panel
  • Click power options
  • Choose the option “what power buttons do”
  • Click on the option “change settings” that are currently unavailable”
  • Uncheck turn on last startup”
  • Click on save changes
  • Again, restart your laptop

Disable App Readiness

Are you facing issue of HP laptop black screen on startup? If yes, then that’s quite common! Many users believe by disabling the service of app readiness black screen issue gets resolved on startup. So, you can give it a try as it can work for you too.

  • Search for services on the laptop
  • Open services manager
  • Click on app readiness service
  • Choose properties
  • After that select manual from startup
  • Click on apply button and then ok
  • After that install, HP Image Enhancement on your system and again restart the laptop.

Reseat the Memory Modules

You can try reseating the memory module by following the below-given steps:

  • Remove power adapter
  • Press power button for shutting down the laptop
  • Remove access panel and set it aside
  • Push out securing latches for releasing the module
  • Slide a module out
  • Avoid touching with any metal contact when handling modules
  • In a bottom slot simply reseat the module 
  • Slide it to the correct place 
  • Push down on a module in order to lock it 
  • Reinstall an access panel again
  • Reconnect power adapter to your laptop as well as the wall outlet
  • Press power button so as to turn on your laptop

Perform System Restore

One can easily perform system restores for dealing with laptop black screen issues.

  • Press the keys Win+R for opening the run box
  • In the box, type rstrui and click OK for opening system restore
  • Click on next and select restore point from a big list 
  • Click on next again
  • Confirm the restore point and click on finish.
  • Select yes and wait for the complete procedure to complete
  • Reboot the laptop to check if the issue has been resolved or not

Restart the explorer.exe Process

The laptop screen can turn black if explorer.exe process gets closed due to virus or any malicious activity.

  • Press the keys Ctrl, Esc, shift for invoking task manager
  • Click details tab
  • Scroll down and search for explorer.exe process
  • By choosing explorer.exe end the process and click on end task
  • Restart the laptop

Factory Reset HP

One can also factory reset HP for black screen issues and can check if it works. Follow the given steps:

  • Shut down the laptop 
  • Disconnect all connected devices
  • Turn on the laptop and press the key F11
  • After that system recovery screen will show up
  • Click troubleshoot
  • Reset the laptop

Reverse Recent Modifications

There’s a probability that the Windows had been updated recently or you might have installed some app in your laptop which can result in black screen issue. So, in such a case attempt restoring the windows system to earlier version.

If you have installed some app on HP laptop then remove that program and restart your laptop.

Turn Off Hibernation

At times, hibernation files may become corrupt. So, by turning this feature off as well as by restarting the computer, problem may get resolved and allows the laptop display to get same as before.


Hope you have enjoyed reading this guide and it help you in knowing more about how to fix HP laptop black screen. Also, what are the reasons that are responsible for the same?

Try any of the above-given ways as they can resolve HP laptop black screen issue of your laptop. However, ensure to take the backup of important files and data so as to avoid data loss in future when something goes wrong with your HP laptop.

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